USGS environ/energy lab closed for manipulating results

Environmental and Energy lab closed for manipulating results to get desired outcomes.

Problem was discovered in 2008, but was allowed to continue operations up to 2014.

Results from 1996 thru 2014 have been “adjusted” or “corrected”. I find it curious problem was discovered in 2008 but not stopped until 2014.

Gee, what landmark event happened in 2008, that seems to have allowed the problems to be covered up until 2014? And we aren’t hearing about it until now? And Rep Bruce Westerman brought it to light (guess party)? How come no Dems were keen on revealing this? from the left …

I am sure there will be wall-to-wall coverage by ABC, NBC, MSLSD, CeeBS, NYT, WaPO, etc. How long can you hold yer breath?…-manipulation/

Quite a crew we have operating in administration, and in the USGS… 😡 💩


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