Kenmore wash machine has mind of it’s own during spin cycle.

This is Kenmore 70 Series HD ….Model #110.22722.100

For a long time now (year +) I sometimes have to lift and close the lid or push/pull the cycle control knob to get the machine to spin after the wash cycle and/or after the rinse cycle. The machine ALWAYS drains and SOMETIMES completes the cycles on it’s own.

So after reading and watching videos, I was convinced the lid switch was bad.

Then the other day, another problem appeared. No spin OR agitation, just a clattering noise, which after some investigation, sounded like the coupler.

So I was now pushed into the repair job.

Got a new coupler and lid switch. Both installations went smooth as silk.

All SEEMED to be fine in a quick test, but as soon as I put the machine into an entire wash cycle, no spin again.

I should mention that once in a great while, my problem mirrored one posted by DyannP who said after washing, the machine just sat there as the clock cycled and did nothing more.

What’s really crazy is that if I push the control knob in and pull it back out, or lift the lid slightly and close it again, the spin cycle starts right up which tells me that maybe the lid switch was actually not the problem.

Anyway it’s brand new now, so I know this one’s good. So what can be causing the spin problem? When it spins, it spins fast so I know it’s not the clutch.

Could this be in the timer control knob? or a wiring problem???

I need HELP!


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