Identiying Load Bearing Wall for Stud Removal

Hi All!

So I know that it’s possible to remove a single stud from a load bearing wall, given proper replacement with jack studs, header, cripples, etc… However I’d like to identify first if the wall I’m working with is load bearing or not. I have attached some pictures that I hope will be sufficient to make a determination or at least a very educated guess.

Quick description: The house is a 2 story colonial with 2 stair cases, directly above each other in the center of the house (one leading from the front door to 2nd story, and the other directly beneath leading from the 1st floor to the basement). The wall in question is in the basement adjacent to the basement stairs and under the 1st-2nd floor stairs.

Normally, based on the wall location, I would say that it’s not load bearing, being that the wall runs along and directly underneath a single floor joist. The only thing that’s tripping me up is that the joist it runs along is a double joist that I assume is carrying the load of the stringers/stairs above. Because of that, could those two small walls in the basement be load bearing for the floor/stairs above?

Thanks in advance.

<img src="; border="0" alt="Name: Basement_Wall.jpg

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Size: 34.4 KB” /><img src="; border="0" alt="Name: Top_Plate_Side.jpg

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Size: 24.1 KB” /><img src="; border="0" alt="Name: Top_Plate_Close.jpg

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Size: 28.8 KB” /><img src="; border="0" alt="Name: 1st_Floor_Stairs.jpg

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