I knew it several months ago — they’re going to try and get Trump on racism

I remember asking several months ago on this board if Trump had the guts to speak candidly about the subject of racism. Trump speaks his mind about everything else, and it’s a breath of fresh air to finally hear somebody talk candidly about we the middle class people and what we really think and feel. But, on the subject of racism, this is a sacred god to the political left and to the news media. This is their golden calf that they worship. No one is permitted to speak candidly about the subject of race without incurring the vicious wrath of the political left and all hell breaking loose with false charges of racism. No one is permitted to say that they are tired of blacks blaming their problems on whitey. No one is permitted to say they wish Mexicans weren’t taking over the construction trades. No on is permitted to say that they wish Asians weren’t taking over all electronics mfg jobs and electronic technician jobs. No one is permitted to say they wish the Asians would stay in Asia. No one is permitted to say they wish the Indians would stay in India and that American companies would hire computer programmers who are Americans and recent graduates of American universities. Well, I guess you are permitted to say that, but all hell will break loose on the political left and apparently also among republican RINO’s because the GOPe seems to also be in great fear of being called racist by the political left. This is the most powerful tool the political left has–it is FALSE accusations of racism. It is such a powerful weapon to the left that we on the right are not even allowed to talk about different races and what we think about them.

Really, I don’t think what Trump said was racist. He was simply tying this goofball liberal judge to being a member of La Raza and not wanting the wall built and trying to punish Trump because of it. And Trump is right! This jerk is against Trump and giving him all the grief he can. But the media and the political left LOVES RACISM. It is their favorite subject. They have to invent racism because whites really aren’t racist against other ethnic groups. But there is such paranoia about this subject that we white people aren’t even allowed to speak our mind about this subject.

So, I wondered several months ago if Trump had the cajhones to speak about this subject that whites are forbidden to speak about. How do you think it plays out? If he doesn’t take a stand against the media and the political left, he’s going to continually get beat over the head with FALSE charges of racism. Hillary loves to use the word “racism”. I say he ought to go all in and call these people out on their bogus charges of racism. If he doesn’t they are going to hammer him relentlessly on this subject. What do you all think? I knew it would come down to this subject of racism. Trump has been allowed to speak his mind, but this subject is so sacred to the political left and the news media.


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