North Texas Indoor Humidity Problems

I purchased a new to me/used home in Ellis County, Texas. The home was built in 2007 and had one owner. The owner did not disclose the problems they had with the AC.

There is a 2 Ton Lennox 13HPD0030-230-01 outside and a Goodman ARUF30B14AB in the attic, and a Honeywell RTH6580WF thermostat, heated sq ft is 1194, the attic (including the garage) is filled with 12-14 inches of insulation and it is floored throughout, the garage door is also insulated and it is NE facing, the house has gutters around and they are all draining a good ways from the foundation, there are soffit vents on the east and south only, there is an automatic attic fan on the front kind of large (faces NE) and some other vents that are square on the SE side, the back windows are sunscreened and after 5pm the evening sun is blocked by a large tree that is not evergreen, three interior exhaust fans vent into the attic (bathrooms and laundry), and the kitchen exhaust vents into the kitchen not outside. Behind the house (fenced yard) is a run-off area/field and a stock pond is about 150 yards away that the run-off feeds into. I have one 20×20 return and 15 3-way supplies. I have laminate and ceramic throughout.

What I’m experiencing:

I noticed that air seemed cold but not comfortable. I put in my Accurite weather station up to monitor humidity and have moved it from room to room to monitor air temp and humdity. In the kitchen with the thermostat is set at 71F it can read 75F with a humidty of 48% around 7am rising to 62% and a temp of 807F when I have the ac set on 75F. That’s before cooking. I usually turn on the laundry room fan when I cook but it doesn’t do much. The back bedrooms fluctuate also to 52% humidity during the day only going down to 45% overnight. I’ve been told that my return air and supply are not equal and need a second return and different supply covers. I’ve been told that the AC is a dehumdifier and that even if I add a return my humidity may or may not change. I’ve been told I don’t need a whole home dehumdifier. I’ve been told that nothing is wrong with my AC that it’s fine and I need a whole home dehumidifier. I’ve been told by one company I have a wastewater problem and water is leaking but my water bill was $20.00 for thirty days and my meter is not churning away with no water on (I think the city would have noticed a waste leak, so my plumber said). I have a chronic respiratory problem and my air is so uncomfortable and the humidity I’m accustomed to is between 30-35% but not one person will hear me and not one company services this area with dehumidifiers and or purifiers out the 17 on various dealer sites. I’m so confused. I have mini-humidity catchers around and they stay full of water and my Eva-Dry things need to be recharged every 3-5 days. It has nothing to do with all the rain, the humidity has done this since week two of move-in, I’m now at week seven. Outside humidity does not affect the indoor humidity. I’m cold but it’s on 71, it’s damp, and it stinks.

I found paperwork the owner left behind in a closet with the following:

8-2010 – A fan blade with a 20 degree pitch was replaced along with a hub. Noted on this date that the fan motor blade was leaking oil and may cause issues in the future.

7-2011 The following capacitors were replaced – CR5 and CR45 on the Lennox and the compressor was water cooled.

2014 – the Lennox Air Handler was replaced due to “rusting” with the Goodman.

Since I’ve been here:

5-2016 – A local dealer added 1lb of freon, changed an “capacitor that was a 2 stage” to what was single stage, advised there was not a check valve on the pan, and the air handler was rusting, either a new system or add a return. This person found the handler running on low speed, cranked it to high speed.

5-2016 – HWA sent a person that added another 1lb of freon, added a new cap onto the freon thing that had an o-ring as he said that it making it leak, and that my ac was fine and air handlers don’t rust. Found my Honeywell AC filter expanded and damp. The service company felt the humidity.

6-2016 – Have a water leak it’s not an ac problem. Don’t install dehumidifiers, not the speciality.

Any ideas, please. I’d rather be out in the rain on my back porch.


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