System does not take charge

Hello, I have a ComfortStar condenser. 18000 btuh. It was not cooling. Low side was almost zero. High side was less than 150 when it started up. Let the freon flows in. It went to retarded in the low side. high side goes up a little bit to 150.

Then it stays there. Low side reading barely moving down. It stays like this for an hour, no change at all.

Compressor feels very hot. Ohm it out, and there is no shortage and the number added up right. The only thing slightly out of ordinary is the capacitor for compressor is a bit low. It calls for 30mfd 450V, but I got only 28.8mfd.

Within this hour the air vent temperature fluctuated around 61 to 64 degree at times, and then it rises up to 72 to 74 degree at times.

What a weird situation!

Anyone have any opinion?


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