Trump’s Stated Positions and beliefs.

Here is the stated positions that I have heard Trump say.

1. Says Global Warming is a hoax.

2. Gave a list of rock solid SC justices to choose from

3. Build up our military again.

3. Send illegals back and build a wall and stop illegal immigration.

4. Stop Federal government interference with local and state governments.

5. Back the police fighting crime.

6. Rescend thousands of job killing regulations by executive order.

7. Renegotiate trade agreements to benefit America and bring back jobs.

8. Repeal Obama Care.

9. Foreign affairs to be conducted with only American interests first.

10. Stopping all immigration of non vetted immigrants and all Muslims till we decide how to handle it.

11. America first in all government decisions.

12. Make our Allies pay ther fair share for ther defense.

13. Stop nation building. Build up America no other countries

14. Destroy ISIS by whatever means necessary including torture to gain information.

15. Supports Pro Life positions.

16……etc. etc.

Please add more as you see fit. I say all those that think Trump is a liberal or is evil can go to hell.

Those who want to trash Trump now that he is the Republican candidate and by default support commie loving Hillary are not Americans IMHO. Thank you, thank you very much.


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