Carrier Cor / Ecobee 2 stage question

I have a 5 ton Carrier with a 2 stage compressor. With the thermostat set for the A/C to kick on when the indoor temp is 1 degree above the set temp, and the Stage 2 Temp Delta set at the default 3 degrees, the second stage does not kick in. Outside temps have been 85, but I assume once we get to 93 or so here in south Florida, it most likely will. However, for now it is not, and the 3 degree default says it prioritizes comfort over efficiency. But if I set the Stage 2 delta to Auto, then the second stage kicks in and over the course of the day, the unit runs less time. But I always thought lower tons for a longer time was more efficient than higher ton for shorter time.

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out if I should leave the Stage 2 Delta set to 3 degrees, Auto, or some other value.



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