No insulation,attic,or vent-Is my Window AC [6500 BTU] adequate for 160sq ft?


I rent a small house [ca 750sq ft] & want to cool a 160sq ft Living Room,which I use for guitar lessons,so there is 1 or 2 other people present, about 3 hrs in a day, [betweeen 2p to 10p]

There is no insulation on the ceiling or roof,no attic, & no exhaust vent [& no Casablanca fan].

This Living Room is separated from the Kitchen by a curtain which extends all the way to the ceiling. The ceiling is high & slanted [average height of 9.75ft.]

My Window AC is a Frigidaire [LRA074AT7], 6,500 BTU, bought Oct,2011, EER : 10.7, [nominally for 250 sq ft application],$165.

Last summer it was really hot here in Pasadena,CA & this Frigidaire AC didn’t seem to be at all adequate,but that may be because I didn’t didn’t realize that I needed run it long enough or early enough.

MY QUESTION: What size of AC do I need?

Or do I just need to run my current one long enough & early enough?

Is 1200-15000 BTU’s too large to remove humidity properly?


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