Supply grill selection based on FPM

I read that a target range for FPM should be around 600 to 800. Hart and Cooley recommends 700 FPM. The companies I used to work for just based it on the approximate cfm. For example, 110 cfm would be 10×6, 160 cfm would be 12×6, and 200 cfm would be 14×8 grills.

I was looking at some H&C data charts. The data seems to show that 110cfm would warrant an 8×4 grill. It would have a throw of 12 feet, however. Should the throw just be at least 5 ft? It seems like there would be excessive noise. I’m looking at the A618 side wall grills.

What A618 grills should be used for:

110 CFM

400 CFM

I don’t see data for the 12×12 and 14×14 grill. Which one would be recommended for 400 cfm?…g_ed8_0914.pdf


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