Digital or analog for my first set of gauges?

I’ve been an apprentice service tech for about a month now, and I originally didn’t think I was going to need a pair of gauges since I figured I was always going to be with a journeyman who had a pair. But recently Ive been doing some annual maintenance for different commercial companies, and have been doing those by myself, and I don’t want to keep borrowing gauges from coworkers.

Most the people at my shop have analog gauges, but the consensuses here definitely seems to be that digital is the way to. I’ve also heard people say that you shouldn’t go digital for your first pair. Honestly though I’d rather “buy once cry once” and shell out the extra money for digital gauges since I know thats what I really want.

any thoughts? and maybe some “do’s and dont’s” regarding digital gauges or even gauges in general would be appreciated. I know not to pull a vacuum through my gauges but anything I could do to prolong the life of them would be appreciated.



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