Rebuilding 4D- rods, pistons, valve etc

I’m stepping outside my comfort zone here. Trying to disregard fear of failure I’m seriously considering replacing busted rods and Pistons on a 80s vintage red tag 4D. Has anyone ever tried this? It’s both rear banks side closest to suction opposite discharge/oil pump cylinders. The bores them selves look pristine- no gouges or scarring. I’ve found the parts through aftermarket vendor since naturally cope doesn’t offer them. Like I said this is uncharted territory for me- sure I’ve changed my fair share of valve plate assembleys but rods and pitons… Not much support out there. I can’t even find an exploded parts diagram can find them for r series and other owns but geez man where to start… Is it accessible by removing the suction side end, removing what I’m assuming is a journal bearing and whatever compresses the crankshaft- by the way the crankshaft where the rods go looks smooth and no signs of gouging or scarring- that weighed into my thought process also. So I’ll open the floor for target practice on me… I’m well aware that slugging caused it so no need to bring any of that up..odd it would bust the rods before the valves but yea how knows cast iron isn’t the strongest vs steel I guess. Ok have at me

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