Should I paint my furnace blower housing?

I have 2 questions regarding my special furnace blower housing, I would appreciate if you can provide any advice.

1. I’m trying to search this particular model of blower housing, but I couldn’t find out, actually I don’t know which model is this one. It’s very similar to LAU DD10-8A Blower Part NO 38251303M, but the length (E size) is 9.72″ instead of 11-3/8″. If you have seen this before, please let me know where I can buy this specific one?

2. Inside this blower housing, I see there’s a lot of rust, most of the original paint was blended with rust. I’ve tried my best to remove the rust using a wire cup brush, now my question is should I paint the interior using “Rust-Oleum 270201 Silver High Heat Ultra Spray Paint”? If I don’t paint, what should I do to prevent rust? if I paint, will be there an issue with this paint? it’s a dilemma for me. Any advice?

Thanks for your help.


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