Finishing Basement

Hello I’ve been thinking of eliminating my 20 year old boiler system. Hot water baseboard heat in a 2600 sq ft ranch house + 2600 in basement. I have no complaints about the heat except I did have a leak under the concrete floor in basement to a baseboard. I would like to refinish the basement in to a nice livable space. The baseboards in the basement would need to be re-routed. Many are in the way and the copper is run under the concrete floor in the basement. My concerns are possible additional leaks in the future and no AC in the basement and stagnet air in the basement. The 20+ year old airhandler is in the attic and doesn’t cool the house that well. Only one return in the whole house for AC. I know I want ac in the basement. So I was thinking of eliminating both systems for a forced air system. I’ve been told the ducts in the attic will need to be redone and up sized to a 4 ton from a 3 ton. I’ve meet with several contractors. I know my options, new ac in attic. New air handler in basement. I’m still left with a 20 year old boiler and re-routing baseboards in the basement. My wife doesn’t want to loose closet space to run a chase down from the attic. From a cost stand point it will be a little more to redo the attic and a new air handler in the basement vs. one new forced air system for the whole house. But I’m afraid I will regret taking out the hot water heat. What does everyone think?

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