Need Help w/ Desuperheater + Hot Water Tank Configuration

We recently had a geothermal system installed in a new construction build and I need help figuring out how to optimize the desuperheater + hot water heater setup. Here are the details on what we have:

2 x Waterfurnace 7-series NVV036 both w/ desuperheaters

2 x A.O. Smith Promax 55 gallon electric water heaters (we are on propane with no access to natural gas)

Currently, the upper and lower thermostat settings for both water heaters are set to 140 degrees. We have mixing valves to bring the water temp back down to a reasonable temperature at the tap.

One desuperheater loop is plumbed to each water heater, with the DSH In coming from the cold water side of the heater, and the DSH out going to the bottom of the water heater.

We have a hot water recirculation pump attached to one of the water heaters which pulls from the hot water side. The pump runs 24/7 with no timer or aquastat.

The plumber tells me that the hot water heaters are not zoned and that both heaters are capable of providing water to the whole house, but I can’t really tell how the water from the two heaters is mixed.

We are located in Northern VA and have 2 adults and 4 kids in the house. Our peak water usage is 2 back to back showers in the morning and 3 simultaneous baths in a standard size tub at night.

What would be the best way to optimize our hot water heater and desuperheater set up? We would love to use the existing 55 gallon electric tanks if possible, but are willing to add something if that is necessary to build the most cost effective solution that meets demand.


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