house main power cable cut open

In an old Baltimore brick rowhome, I have a power cable coming from a pole on the street to power cable that runs along the outside of the house. I noticed this winter that the cable’s plastic sheathing is completely split open due to weather or age. Some sort of braided metal insulation / sheathing is exposed. That’s potential problem #1.

That cable then enters the house where it feeds into a meter. It looks like whomever pulled that cable through the brick did so with considerable force that it also shredded the cable open. That’s potential problem #2.

Problem #2 has apparently been inspected many times and either missed or deemed not a problem. I only noticed problem #1 this winter when hanging lights.

For either problem, would the power company be responsible given it’s cabling before it reaches the meter or is it probably my problem from the pole?

What might be a reasonable cost estimate to expect if this is my cable to replace? It’s not something I would want to DIM without help.

Here’s problem #1 outside the house:

<img src="; border="0" alt="Name: exterior_of_house.jpg

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Here’s problem #2 inside the house:

<img src="; border="0" alt="Name: IMG_8986.jpg

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