Three black and three wires in ceiling box


I am replacing the lack-luster fans in our three bedrooms. The first two rooms went great. The third one threw me for a loop. The wiring in the ceiling box totally confuses me. I attached a drawing of the configuration. There are three two-wire cables coming out of the ceiling box. They are tied together in the way shown on the drawing with a resulting black and white pair that was originally connected to the old fan. The other strange thing was that the black and white wires in behind the wall switch in this room were not connected so when I connected the wireless remote to those two wires it wouldn’t power up the fan. Its like it is tied together in the ceiling in a way to bypass the switch and just provide power. I basically need to figure out a combination of tying the ceiling wires together to put the switch leg of the wiring back in line to make it functional. I don’t have a voltmeter. Should I just call an electrician? Thanks!

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