Custom front door install

I am planning to install a new double front door on my house. My current front door is a single door. The existing single door has side lights on either side and then internal spacers beside the side lights. The entire current frame is close to the width of the double doors I have. The current frame is about 1.5 feet shorter than the height of the new doors. I am planning to cut the doors down 8 inches and increase the current height of the opening 4 inches. The width of the existing opening will also need to be increased by about 6 inches.

The new doors are very heavy solid mahogany (probably 150lbs each). They were taken out of an older house. I am going to use an enginee lift to move them to the front door from the garage.

My general plan is to build a complete frame with all of the hardware in the garage. Then over a weekend rip out the current door, cut out the opening to fit, reinforce the opening and mount the new doors and frame in place.

I thought I would be able to find a video or tutorial of someone that had done something similar but have had no luck finding details about an install this complicated.

Am I crazy to think that I could rip out the existing door and install the new door over a weekend? My wife will probably move into a hotel if I have the door off for more than a night :). Once I cut out the opening there will be no going back.

Is my general plan the best way to go about this? I have lots of tools (saws, drills, routers, hand tools, etc..) and basic word working skills.


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