Bathtub Tiling

Hi, I have a couple general questions about tiling the wall around my bathtub. The bathroom remodel sticky suggested not posting there, so I’m taking a guess at where this post belongs…

I have experience remodeling all the rooms in my home, but I’ve never installed a new bathtub. Currently, the walls around the tub are fiberglass. We want to take this out along with the tub and replace with tile to go with the new tub. I will be having help with this but need to generally lead the project. So a couple questions I had…

Do I need to waterproof the cement backer board before putting up the mortar? I’ve seen conflicting answers. If so, what product do you recommend?

Do you just choose from the same tile that you would use on a floor?

Is there a general distance you need to have between the top of the tile and the ceiling?

Are there alternatives to using the tub drain removal tool? I’m willing to save a few bucks here and there if it doesn’t hurt the end product.

Any other suggestions are welcome also. Thanks!


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