Dual Heat Pump / Gas Pack

So, we been having some issues with this guy dual heat pump / gas package unit. I had changed the furnace board / hall effect sensor because of the resistor (R9) burned out and that fixed the furnace side. Well about two weeks later, we were called back out there because the heat pump wasn’t working anymore. Seems my fellow tech had found that the compressor was running, but not pumping and it was making a rattle noise. He said the pressures were equalize. He shut it down and let cool down and still the same result. So I go today and replace the compressor and the compressor plug because it the newer one. Well I ran it afterwards and notice that the suction was at 150 psi suction and 200 psi discharge in cool mode and same thing in heat mode. So I felt the compressor suction and found it hot (around 120 degrees) and even hotter at the RV suction line to the compressor. After about 5 mins of switching the RV around, nothing changed. I guessing that the RV is letting the hot discharge on the RV into the compressor suction. Nothing else made sense, but that. So we ordered a RV.

What do you think?


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