Aluminum pool enclosures – different ways to screen

I have a house that wraps around the pool and an overhead aluminum screen enclosure that is mounting on the interior fascia of the house’s roof framing.

I am looking at redoing the screening.

The overhead screen is like an “A-frame”. The aluminum structure has seven “rafters” forming six sections.

The way it is done now, each “section” is one big sheet of fiberglass screen. In other words, there is one piece of screen that starts at the low point where it attaches to the frame at the fascia, that piece runs over the cross member, over the crown member, over another cross member, then down to the bottom on the other side.

One big piece as shown in the sketch below.

Is this the best way to do it?

I am getting different estimates for the rescreen.

One contractor said the way I have it now is better because it is more flexible and less likely to tear.

Another contractor said I should not use one big piece but instead divide into four smaller pieces per section, that way when one piece tears the other three pieces do not need to be repaired.

Any screen experts here? What is the “best practice”?


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