$800 electric bill

Short & sweet, recently we changed out a reversing valve and since the electric bill has skyrocketed. The unit is a heat pump which even when running purely on electric heat the meter is registering around 8 kwh per hour. With the heat pump it can be slightly higher or round about. The unit is a goodman and thermostat is a Honeywell 1000. The heat kit is rated at 9.5 kwh and the unit is 2.5 tons. The Apartment is apx 1000 ft^2. The unit is short cycling when on emergency and when on heat and lets concentrate on that for now. The unit will run continuously cycle off with no call from the thermostat and cycle back in within a few minutes I should have timed it and then comes immediately on again with the heat cycle lasting significantly longer 10-15 min again should have timed it. This cycle averages with heat kits running apx. 90-95 of an hour. I went under the house and I checked the duct. Originally there was a split hard pipe 7″ apx 6 ft and a collapsed return apx day 15. Now after the Property management group sent the maintenance over to repair duct problems I seen there is a tear 10″-16″ next to a hardpipe sleeve for where the return was spliced and also the 90 coming out of the return box the take off is collapsed and there was no mastic used, there is a significant gap and the maintenance used duct tape which was very sloppy. I’m not 100% sure the problems lie with the duct or the thermostat but that’s where I would go with it.

to answer questions:

the daily reading was on average not vey high 1,2,3 KWH and between but there where some spikes that reached 5-9 for about 8 days in a 35 day period before the repair.

The CFM is 350-500 on all registers and delta t is 30 with electric heat.

No they have not had a problem like this before except a $280 in feb last year. The tenant is a single person no washer no dryer and the water heater is not leaking.

with the unit off kwh was negligible

Anyone ran in to this before no random opinions pros only not to insult anyone but I need to the bottom of this without bad advice.


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