Can I fit a standard P trap in here?

Haven’t done a lot of household plumbing…we’re getting new counter tops installed next week, we’re installing a new sink and the drain is back a little further in the sink than this one so I have to redo the drain.

The new sink will also have the disposal on the main drain so no tee-ing of the drain will be needed.

Since I have to redo it I would like to fix the janky mess shown below.

First off do I have enough room to fit a P trap? You’re supposed to have 12″ of straight pipe after the trap right?

Second, this stuff is all some kind of slip, compression joint crap, I don’t know what but it’s fallen apart while the dishwasher was running before which is not pleasant. What’s the best way to do this, glued PVC with a couple unions?

Attached Images


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