Question about oil furnace CAD cell..general info

I’m still having problems.The furnace pump runs normally (starts right away nice and quiet), the blower comes on then 10-15 minutes later the pump quits it trips the reset button.

I’ve checked just about everything I can. Fuel flow (seems good) , inline filter (changed) , pump strainer (cleaned) , nozzle (changed) , Honeywell primary control (changed) , pump primed (good flow of fuel comes out).

The only thing I haven’t changed is the CAD cell and that’s because the one they ordered in for me didn’t come with the pigtail assembly and the cell won’t fit my existing pigtail socket.

What I’m wondering is could it actually be the CAD cell? I know they can “wear out” but don’t they either work or they don’t? Can they produce the necessary Ohms to keep the furnace running for a while and gradually , the Ohms drop until the furnace locks out? (I’m only guessing here).

I’d love to get an oil tech out here but there simply aren’t any (it’s all propane or natural gas now) and any parts I need to order have to be ordered in so I’m flying by the seat of my pants and learning as I go.


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