Questions from new guy on first time tiling job–PLEASE


I am new to DIY.

This is my very first tiling job. I love tile floors and I’ll take tile any day over carpet. However, I am quickly understanding why having it done cost so much. 🙂

Project: I am replacing the floor tile on a small 75″ x 40″ Half-Bath with Ceramic 12 x 12 x 1/4 mosaic. (Replacing it because grout failed after underlayment got wet. There was no cement board

or mortar under the old tile. House was built late 70 early 80’s.)

Finished room will retain original tiled walls. The original floor tile fit “under” the wall tiles.

Due to various sub-floor repairs, the finished floor tile will now need to butt against wall tile vice underneath. Note: I spent hours ensuring sub-floor is solid and correct.

But there are problems.

– The bottom of the tiled walls are not perfectly straight which results in irregular gaps.

– There is also a varying 1/4″ MAX gap along the perimeter between wall the Hardi-Backer, again due to wall irregularities.


1) Do I fill the gap between the Hardi-Backer with mortar prior to tiling? If mortar is not the answer, what do I use? My concerns are not having a flat surface at edge when tiling, and not being able to fill

Junction between existing wall tile and new floor tile when grouting.

2)When tiling, how do I address the irregularities between wall tile and new floor tile?

3)And, the guy at Big Box store said a One-Time Grout is available that requires no follow-on maintenance (I.e. sealing etc.). Does it work or is it a GIMICK?

4)Any advice or guidance would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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