Goodman GMS80604AN Cant get a clean flame any suggestions

Specs GMS804AN Furnace

Propane conversion Mounted horizontally, layed over to the right.

Check the manual Suitable for left or right applications Horizontal

Issue- The Top Burner has some sloppy flame that bleeds over to the heat shield.Over heats limit switch. They all do but the top is the one that hits the heat shield.

Test and fixes

Swapped out white rogers gas valve for Honeywell Factory one I like an know the conversion to propane on these and have done 150+

no matter how we tune the flame its from bad to worse never strait into the heat exchanger.

Checked- Flue pipe and jack on the roof good venting of gases.

Checked draft motor blower wheel

(we suspect the unit to possibly have been machined out of spec causing the burner to be slightly offset from the heat exchanger ports.

I knoticed on the new carrier baseline furnaces they have a big indention to catch the flame and on other units too.

Spoke with Goodman Tech support explained the situation Sent pics reply was well if they are off spec its from either the way you supported or transported the unit have a good day.

Whats been done so far we capped off the top burner and moved the igniter down < This offered alittle heat for the customer but its not right and We want it right

Any Ideas or testing?

Ive never dealt with the Goodman Tech Guy before but the counter guys say he should come out and look at it. Anyone have any luck with that?

Been thinking there might be a solution in changing the orifice size. They are set to the ones shipped with the propane kit now.

Also been kinda thinking lets say I do get a way for it to run with a modified part thats my liability if anything happens and I dont want that one bit. Already feeling the hackjob regrets of capping off a burner.

Any 2cent will help Thanks


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