Less than year old electric furnace tripping breaker

Hello, I will be able to get the model number in the morning but I figured I’d ask for brain storms while I wait. The utility closet only has a tiny window and no light bulb so I can’t see squat until the sun comes up.

We got a new furnace in January or February of last year. Everything was going fine for those months and it dropped off way colder than it had today. I woke up at 1 am to find our furnace hadn’t kicked on. Because we have animals- I checked the filter and sure enough it was dirty so I replaced it and checked the breaker and it was kicked so I reset it. It started up.

However- five minutes later? It kicked off again.

So I let it cool down for ten, tried it again and sure enough it kicked the breaker again.

Last year when the new one was installed- it was one that was adjusted to our mobile homes amperage and we had a new breaker put in PLUS new wires in the utility room ran for it.

If, while it’s running, I turn the temperature down real low- it’ll kick off normally- then if I turn it back up to 70 it will start again but after 3-5 minutes it will just trip the breaker.

Until I get the model number- this is all I know right now:

The breaker box is inside

The furnace is small- about waist high?

The furnace filter is new and I installed it correctly

the breaker is tripping at the main box, not in the furnace itself

the furnace runs fine while its on- the air that blows out is warm

The furnace ran from jan/feb to early april just fine, then from late september to today just fine.


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