Low voltage transformer / LED driver wiring

Hello everyone,

I am trying to replace my old ceiling 12V MR16 transformers with LED-compatible ones, since the ones I have now start at 20w and cause leds to flicker. The problem I have is that because of the multiple lights wired in the ceiling, every fixture apart from one, has two wires going in the transformers, (L N, L N), and the Aurora transformers I have now do have two inputs, and one output for the bulb.

The problem is that every modern transformer has only one input (L N). What’s the best way to get around this? Can I join the wires? LL and NN, squeeze both each in one input of the transformer? Do I need a connector of some sort? If so, what?

It’s probably a very simple question for most, but I’m a novice, thanks for answering! 🙂

From what I saw, I think the wiring at the moment looks like in the picture below (the transformers are not shown)

Name: 430114ae74ebc642dabc03ef553bd022.gif Views: 2 Size: 48.2 KB

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