Removed tile and had to take out 3/4″ drywall.. what now?


I am trying to remodel my half bath. It had some ugly tile and when I took it down there was a ridiculous amount of glue left on the walls. It wasn’t realistic to scrape the glue off so I cut the drywall where the tile began and started removing it. I was hoping to bring in some new drywall to fill in what I’ve removed. Unfortunately when I measured what’s on the wall it looks to be 3/4" (see pic). I went to HD and Lowes but neither carries this size. I’ve read you can stack two 3/8" pieces to equal 3/4" but I’m not confident that’s going to work out. Unless it’s absolutely necessary I don’t want to take down the whole wall, I’d rather piece in what I removed (it’s less than 1/2 of the wall + taking it down may cause me to damage the ceiling). What is the best way to handle this? On the right side of the 2nd pic you can see what the glue looks like and why I had to remove the drywall. Thanks, any help would be appreciated for my next steps!!Name: 3-4drywall1.jpg Views: 2 Size: 33.1 KBName: 3-4drywall2.jpg Views: 2 Size: 26.8 KB

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