Islam is a terrorist orginization. Period, factamundo.

I knew it from the get go. I do not want to jump to conclusions, I am not a ‘mob’ type person. I like to keep an open mind.

Yet I knew. They said 3 attackers, homegrown nutcases generally run as loners. Followed it all afternoon, but would not dare say anything in the interest of fairness.

How did I know? 3 shooters to begin with. Then the target,… was not a casino or a racetrack so that pretty much rules the MOB out. Not a crack-house, whore-house, or subsidized apartment complex, so that pretty much rules gangs out. It was not an abortion center, so that pretty much rules out Christian Avengers. They attacked a center for mentally disabled people, cowards. It’s logical deduction, coupled with process of elimination. I knew, but bit my tongue. I do not want to say anything unfair, but when I do speak I will do so with enthusiastic conviction founded in righteous justification. Because I know I am correct. Nothing novel about that, and I am not in any way alone there, I am simply correct as I am sure many of you others are.

One of the shooters was identified as Said Faruk, not your typical Protestant or Catholic name.

Islam is a terrorist organization.

Obama and company is a bunch of God-forsaken FOOLS, they are blaming guns!

The second amendment recognizes the importance of a well armed militia. If you are a more or less law abiding citizen YOU ARE THE MILITIA!!!!!!

We have a president that is trying as hard as he can to dis-arm us and bring in as many muslim ‘refugees’ as he can muster. Do not be fooled.

Islam is a terrorist organization, and Obama is a traitor to our nation.


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