Goodman GMH95 Gas Furnace Won’t Start

I have a Goodman GMH95 (95% efficiency) gas fired furnace that shuts down during the heating mode. The thermostat is working. The ICM performs the safety circuit checks. The induced draft blower is energized but shuts off after a couple of seconds and the ICM resets. It keeps repeating this sequence. Every once in a while the blower will complete the 15-second pre-purge, the igniter will start and the gas will light. But it shuts down and the ICM resets before the the circulator blower is energized.

I checked the error code and I’m getting 3 flashes followed by 6. I checked the drain trap and found it full. I emptied it. The pressure switch is fine. The flue and inlet seem fine. The draft inducer continues to run longer if I open the the thermostat contacts so I don’t think it’s the draft inducer. The fuse is fine. I suspect the rollout limits.

Any thoughts?


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