How to fix this table

Hi all, hoping I can find some help with a problem I’m having here. I inherited this beautiful table from my grandparents but the table isn’t level and is getting worse. The problem seems to come from the fact that one of the legs is splitting. I know nothing about woodwork but the little bit of advice I have gotten from people I know is to use wood glue and a clamp. That’s the most I’ve gotten and I really don’t know whether to take it as gospel or where to run with it if that’s what I need. Was wondering if someone could tell me what I should buy specifically and give me a step by step on what to do here. I would really like to keep this table, not just because it’s gorgeous but for the memories as well.

I’ve included some pictures here of the table, the leg, and a close up of the split if that helps. Thanks in advance.

Name: table1.jpg Views: 0 Size: 31.2 KBName: table2.jpg Views: 0 Size: 29.7 KBName: table3.jpg Views: 0 Size: 12.6 KB

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