Cathedral ceiling ventilation

Hi guys.

I am from BC Canada

This is my first owner project. I am building a small garage house at my backyard. There are no attics in this house. All cathedral ceiling.

My framer just finished the roof today. And i have noticed there are NO venting space in all of the ridges.

The roof is constructed by 2×4 (12 inch on center) laying perpendicular on to the 2×10 rafters (16" O.C). So there are an inch and half air space between the roof sheeting and rafters.

My framer said all the garage houses are built like this….

Because there are skylights and dormers, most part of the roof can not be ventilated from one side of the rake soffit to the other side of the rake soffit.

From what i see, i can only ventilate the roof from air going under the eave soffit and out to the rake soffit, or or vice versa. I am planning to add those plastic rafter vents( baffles) between each rafter from the eave soffit all the way up to the ridge to create an extra one inch air space. so that the air can also move vertically up under the 2×4.

so my question here is….will my cathedral ceiling be well ventilated?

I have attached some pictures here for reference.

Name: IMG_20151115_114245.jpg Views: 2 Size: 35.6 KB

View image: IMG 20151124 142353

The front

View image: IMG IMG_20151124_141220

The Back

View image: IMG_20151124_141045

Eave soffit and skylight

View image: IMG_20151124_141045

Last one the closed vent ridge.

Any advice would be great. Thank you guys.

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