Whirlpool Imperial series washer spin problem Part 2

A continuation of this thread http://www.doityourself.com/forum/electric-large-kitchen-home-appliances/468311-whirlpool-imperial-series-washer-spin-problem.html?highlight= since the forum software won’t let me revive the old thread saying it’s too old so had to start a new one. Anyway I replaced the trans the clutch the motor coupling but it still acts up in the spin. and earlier this year when I went to use it after sitting idle for a year it washed fine but when it went into spin the agitator spun but the tub did not. I had to turn the machine off and on several times before the tub engaged. After the spin I noticed some small pieces of rusted metal in the bottom of the tub. Kinda like dime size. I wonder if the tub brakes are sticking and how do I bypass them. When I put the little metal clip that goes under the agitator in the wrong position the tube costed to a stop. If I removed that and the brake cam that’s inside the clutch would the washer still work or would the tube move during wash. How hard is it to replace the tub brakes? I assume I need to remove the inner tub etc which means special tools like a tub wrench and would need to replace the tub seal while im at it just so there are no issues once fixed.


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