Is there a 1 ton heat pump, “self contained”?…

I purchased an older 24′ x 28′ doublewide with a vaulted ceiling in the living room and also in the master bedroom, whole place appears to be well insulated. I am in NC Florida by Gainesville. Nothing came with it to heat or cool it, but ductwork is there, appears they had a heat pump. I know there are heat pumps that are “single units” but I cant find any that aren’t split, and I don’t think I need over 1.5 ton for this max (?). I do not want to use “ductless”…Any suggestions as to where to look for a 1 ton unit that I can put outside, run power to, connect to the ducts underneath, connect to thermostat and that’s it? I want to use the existing ducts since the 3 main rooms in it need cooling/heat simultaneously. Any suggestions?


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