Honeywell Themostat Question- It’snot controling the systems after a battery change

My Honeywell 1-Heat/1-Cool – TH5110D1022 thermostat had been blinking with a "replace battery indicator for a couple of days but was still working. I read that it was something that went off giving you a month to replace it, so I figured I would get new batteries in it in a couple of days. Well, last night it just stopped controlling the system which here in Florida, was set on cool as it is in the 80s

This morning I replaced the batteries and plugged the unit back in. It does all the functions on the thermostat as it should, meaning it makes it’s signature "click" sounds when trying to turn on the ac or heat (I tried both), but it does NOT actually turn on the electric ac or electric heat, nor the fan alone. It just attempts to without actually doing it. (you can hear the "click" of it trying.

I did all the basic things, turned off and on the AC and the heater breakers, checked the wires coming from those systems into the thermostat.. etc.. they all seem to be ok. When I called the honeywell 800# I got they typical east Indian customer support that was hard to understand and they did not help at all before they dropped the call after 20 minutes of being on hold.

I am guessing that the batteries lost power enough to control the A C& Heat and the thermostat needs to be reset somehow? They still sell this model so it is not an old unit. Maybe the batteries I put in are not fresh enough even though the screen is fine with no indicators?

Everything with the thermostat seems fine visually on display function-wise- it just is not talking to the electric heat or electric air now. Please help! Thanks.


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