Changing wax seal, having issue, not sure if bad

Hello, ladies and gentleman,

I’ve decided to change out the wax ring in an effort to find and repair a sewage smell emanating from my downstairs washroom.

As I type this the toilet is off the wax ring awaiting my next move which is where I require your professional assistance.

I have attached photos. I am wondering if;

a) does existing ring appear damaged to the point it could cause above mentioned Odor?

b) the black around the outer edges appear to be dirty wax but is it possible it’s extra wax being used as a gap filler?

C) should I remove all signs of wax, and pray pipe is clean and not broke, then continue with applying the wax seal?

All the resources on the Web of course do not look as messy as my situation. I’m afraid of the story these photos might tell to the trained eye.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


* looks like I was only able to add the photos by making a reply to my first.


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