Water dripping from pressure relief valve – mystified

Hi all,

Yes, water dripping about half gallon a day out of the PRV, on typical hydronic system (I can attach pics). I’ve been through these forums enough to know about both the PRV itself and the expansion tank.

I’ve replaced both. I thought I had it licked given that the expansion tank inflation schrader valve seemed a bit leaky and rusty, and the PRV looked to be in rough shape too.

But the exact same behavior came back. It takes about a day to start dripping again, when the heat has been firing.

Typically the system seems to run at 20 PSI hot according to the gage.

Potentially related info: Over the summer, we did minor renovations to the house that required removal of two small baseboards in the kitchen. A plumber removed them. We also replaced a failed hot water heater, and the new one started leaking apparently due to the pressure in the house being too high. So we lowered that (cannot recall from what to what, but I know the pressure in the showers upstairs is kinda lame now, and the hot water heater is fine).

Could it be the filler valve? I just dont get it. Frustrating!

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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